Best Low Response Time and Input Lag IPS Gaming Monitors 2016

IPS monitors offer wider viewing angles as well as much better color accuracy when compared with their particular TN panel counterparts. This particular greatly improves the actual gaming visual experience.


While the actual response period isn't fairly nearly as good because the prior year's Asus ROG PG278Q monitor, will even now be 1 I'd recommend regarding my leading gaming monitors list.


In relation to responsiveness, TFT Central demonstrated that your 3ms total input lag and also 4 in order to 5ms reaction period ensure it is as fluid as any IPS monitor available.

I not too long ago finished any submit on lower input lag TN panel gaming monitors where I compared what I feel work best TN panel gaming monitors only from that point throughout time.

In supplement in case a person are much just like me along with go photo or perhaps video editing about the side, then it's invaluable to have something much more colour accurate.

The big query here's if premium features about the Asus, like the menu joystick, are usually worth the 20% value hike vs. the actual Acer. It's a bit brighter plus a bit sturdier but much the particular same high quality overall.

A good 1440p 144Hz G-Sync IPS Monitor

The Acer XB270HU VS XB271HU

For Bezel, both of these monitors are usually ultra-thin and, in my opinion, equals. However, the particular XB271HU's bezel style will be greatly improved over the XB270HU involving this past year therefore I'd give props in order to Acer for fixing that.

165Hz vs 144Hz vs 120Hz - Can it Produce a Difference?

Having experienced gaming about all of these refresh rates, I'd state that it mostly doesn't matter. in additional words, if you currently got any similar model via final year, I'd delay in order to upgrade no less than yet another year.

Now a year old, the particular Acer XB270HU retains a location inside the market. From $700 it's around 35% cheaper compared in order to the Asus PG279Q and, within my opinion, features a comparable picture.


Over the final five years I've gone via avoiding IPS monitors with regard to twitch-genre video games in order to recommending these phones everyone. From first I had been just wanting to locate a monitor having a low response time and input lag. next came 120 and also 144Hz refresh rates. Today, these monitors arrive using G-Sync and FreeSync are a few of the most responsive around.

Having looked at each monitors facet simply by side, I'd first like to say that both of which are generally a quantity of the better-looking monitors I've at just about any time seen. G-Sync makes an amazing difference and the higher refresh price by making use of it is any thing you'll must encounter pertaining to yourself. I'd provide the slight edge general within the picture class for the PG279Q since the colors just seemed to always be able to pop extremely slightly more.

Both of these monitors have a bit of backlight bleed or perhaps IPS glow. This is normal with these forms of monitors. Occasionally, I've seen monitors using even worse glow than others, thus if you're involved together with that, you might have to use out greater than one.

Why IPS vs. any TN Panel Monitor pertaining to Gaming?

Compared to IPS monitors, TN panels designed for gaming throughout general, do have quicker response times. That Will getting mentioned the magic number personally personally is actually 4ms gray to end up being able to gray which many of the e-IPS panels about the industry are usually capable of accomplish.

Asus PG279Q vs Acer XB271HU Gaming Monitor

If you've in order to have the very best of the actual finest within 2016, you'll find it within the form in the Acer XB271HU and the Asus ROG Swift PG279Q. Together With the PG279Q Asus ROG Swift PG279Q at about $1,000 and also the Acer model from $800 they're each pricier options. Your previous generation XB270HU will arrive in from around $700 and may provide a good value choice for some.

Final Thoughts:

TN Vs. IPS with regard to response Time, Input Lag, and Refresh Rate:

A decent IPS gaming monitor with reduced input lag will cost an individual anywhere just south involving $150 approximately across the $1,000 category for most those of you with almost all the high-end gaming rigs.

Out with the box the actual Asus model feels the bit better constructed compared to the XB271HU and how to download gmod for free has a couple of much more features as well. one of these features is the joystick about the back, which tends in order to make navigating the menu a lot simpler than you'll find about the Asus.

Backlight Bleed or perhaps IPS Glow

So, if a person are considering this cost point, which are generally the variances which you'll locate involving the two? Getting looked over both monitors I'd say the

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