New Premium Shows Added to Guitar Hero Live

Rival Sons will assistance Black Sabbath upon their own 2016 globe tour.

Activision says that much more distinctive reside playable performances will be added to Guitar Hero live later on this year, from bands including Weezer and also Grizfolk.

In addition in order to this, new music videos from a variety of bands possess also been released. you may obtain them below.

Lords associated with Metal:

System of a Down Toxicity Judas Priest Painkiller Bullet With Regard To My Valentine Tears Dont Fall Pop Punk Perfection:

Sum 41 Fatlip College Strong Merely Drive Tonight Alive Lonely Girl


Activision offers up-to-date Guitar Hero live along with three new premium shows coming from Southern Californian rock band Rival Sons.

Maintain on Swinging, pressure as well as Time, and code gratuit xbox live also Electric Man would be the stay performances and theyre all obtainable now

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